Jun 4, 2013

The Purge Movie – Saint to Criminal

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The Purge – Saint to Criminal

How men can be so numb and cruel that without any flinch they can slaughter other humans brutally if they gets a bloody simple chance to do so. There is a very thin line to cross and became hard core professional criminal from saint. This is the concept of the 85 minutes upcoming flick ‘The Purge’. It is set in 2022 where every crime including murder is made legal for 12 hours once in a year. Every emergency service including police and hospitals are suspended for these 12 hours. The movie is based on series of crimes carried out in that particular 12 hours. The story line will make us think that every human has criminal mind and he can do anything if condition worsens. (Watch The Purge Online )

Some question will knock out your mind from inside after reading this. What if we got 12 hours Purge in our life? What if someone is ready to chop up my head off my body and I have loaded gun in my hand? I guess I will not hesitate to shot his dirty brain out of his head.(Watch The Purge Online )

Purge is like a little spark which will ignite criminal mind and he will do anything to fulfill his desires or to save himself. However a professional criminal will get more wild and ferocious in the purge and he will do whatever he wanted to do. Moreover he got a year to plan out and 12 hours to execute. 

The concept of movie is quite new and interesting but it is possible only in reel world but impractical to be implemented in real world. It is like killing of mankind.(Download The Purge Movie )

Set to be released on June 07, 2013, this flick will surely answer many questions flying in our mind and questions related to criminal psychology.

The Purge – You Need To Afraid...

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There is lot of controversy behind the concept of upcoming movie ‘The Purge’. Peoples are asking for the existence of such kind of concept in real world. (Watch The Purge Online)

First of all everyone should need to know about the concept of the movie. Movie is set in the year 2022 when due to over population and unemployment, American Government permits a 12 hour period when all emergency services will be suspended including police and hospitals. In the nut shell, all crimes including murder, robbery and rape will be legalized in those 12 hours.

This kind of concept will surely catch the attention of populace. Questions are being asked whether a government can do this in real. Will Americans indulge in mass slaughtering if government legalizes crime? Does this kind of legalization will change human ethics and morals?(Watch The Purge 2013 Online)

The simple answer to these entire questions is that ‘The Purge’ is just a movie which is meant for entertainment. People should not to be panicked as it will surely not going to happen in real life. When movies based on alien invasions can be easily digested then why this movie is targeted. (Watch The Purge Online)

When we talk about concept in reel life, there are many impracticable movies we can talk on which includes Independence Day, Saw Series, Men in Black Series, Transformers, Terminator Series etc. They all have different and mind-boggling concepts. All these movies were big hits of their times. When people can make a way for these kinds of movies and appreciate them then ‘The Purge’ also deserves the same respect. (Download The Purge Movie)

In the nut shell movies are source of entertainment and we should enjoy them instead of comparing them with our real life. There is a difference of horizon between real life and reel life, therefore stay cool and enjoy movies from your heart. (Download The Purge Movie)

May 29, 2013

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The Purge: A unique thrilling unexpected conception
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 Universal Pictures’ upcoming science-fiction thriller The Purge stars Ethan Hawke, Lena Headey, Tony Oller, Max Burkholder, Edwin Hodge, Adelaide Kane, and Rhys Wakefield. The movie is scheduled to be released on May 31, 2013 in the UK. Initially the release date in the US was also similar to the UK but now it is postponed to June 7, 2013. (Watch The Purge Online)

Ethan Hawke and writer/director James DeMonaco are working together for the second time in The Purge after their first crime thriller Assault on Precinct 13 in the year 2005.

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The movie is based on the concept of legally allowing the citizens of America to commit criminal activities for a 12-hour period every year. Set in the year 2022, the government provides a chance to the people to release their negative emotions in order to keep check on unemployment and crime for the remaining year. (Watch The Purge Online)

On June 4, 2013 The Purge Original Motion Picture Soundtrack featuring new music by Nathan Whitehead will be released by Back Lot Music. For Whitehead, recording and processing a lot of unusual sounds to produce the vocabulary for the score was like developing a fun world. He even considers it rewarding to express the duo of tense action and human drama musically. ( Download The Purge Movie)


A composer for movies, television and video games, Nathan Whitehead used to work for a film sound design company by day and write music at night and on weekends in the initial days of his career in Hollywood. Gradually he got a chance to write additional music and arrangements for various movie and video game projects.

The movie is expected to have the box office earning of $ 19,000,000 in the opening weekend with the total domestic gross of $ 45,000,000.

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